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Nov 29, 2012 11:00am PST
land for their rising numbers, sociphows, including -uan migratiooverioe. in the highlands of guatemala, weary maya indians welcome a truce, following the peace accords of 1996. a victim of the violence wa, who lives in this house compound with her surviving grandchildren and their families. the pipes that carry this wa to t village were an innovation brought by her son. helso efforts to bui aoad aspeakingocalanguageh) translator: wanting those kinds of thingss in the eyes of certaineople. it caused mo to go aroun that he's onlyoing in the ethat good woineople. because he's a member of the gueilla organization. naor:the organizaon was caolicction. his son, diego, was too young to remember his faer and grandfather when paramilitaries entered his compound in 1982. they beat, bound and took away first his grandfather, and then his father. ( speaking local language ) translator: i heard a shot, and i knew my son was dead. narrator: ten years later, a humaamong them,oup exhumed 1doña maglena's son., magd) ( wailing ) rrator: ego,n the center, watc as scientists revealed the crusng blow isat
Nov 28, 2012 6:30pm PST
. >>> todavÍa terremoto en guatemala guatterremoto en guatemalaguatematengo 3 aÑos mÁe completar, y como la economÍa a estÁ ahrtorita, tvsal vez no p g pagarlo. >>> s n lo hace, la deuda podrÍa sumarse a los 956 mil millones de dls quÓlares que los universi universitariuniversitari universitarios tienen. >>> supera el doble por concpeto de compra de automÓviles en estados unidos, y 20% mÁs que la venta por tarjcetas de crÉdito n estados unidos. >>> en estados unidos un 75% de los estudiantes universitarios r reciben algun tipo de prÉstamo para poder estudioar. >>>pporque pero desde el 2008da estudiantil ha aumentado un 20%. >>> la reeducciÓn en la pa participaciÓn del gbobgierno f e federal en al educaciÓn y nÚmero 2, que mahs de lauchas institu d dan un tiÍtulo que tengan un ingreso correspndiente a la d deuda. >>> es algo que preocupa a sally contreras. >>> voy a ganar 20 mil, nunca podfre pagrar esos prprÉstamos. >>> pero pedir un prÉstamo n e puede hacer que mhuchas pserson queden sin estudioar, porque s u segÚn estudios, las personas g a graduadas de universidad, tienen
Nov 29, 2012 5:00am PST
, colombia, argentina, ecuador, guatemala, some with right wing governments, very tough on crime, and in europe, similarly. it's not generally the standards to be putting people behind bars for a possession of any drug in small amounts for one's own personal use. and perhaps the paramount example of success in this regard is portugal. portugal 11 years ago decriminalized the possession of all drugs in personal use amounts. drug selling is illegal and you can still be arrested for that. they began doing evaluations a few years ago. you do not go to jail for possession of any drug in a small amount. and you are not drug tested. nobody gets thrown back in for dirty urines and all this sort of stuff. it's now been in place for 11 years. the research on that, and i recommend the piece in the british journal of crin knowledge and kid send it to -- cridge -- criminolgy. cases of h.i.v. and hepc and crime went down and people continued to seek treatment, that the rates of drug use in portugal did not go up at the same rates as comparable countries in europe. that suggests powerful evidence that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3